Revamped Website & New Gallery Images

When I started this website to showcase my photography early this year, I knew that it would be a challenge to keep the content fresh and images updated.  While I have tried to keep my blog updated with stories and photos from my adventures, adding new images to my portfolio has been a slow process.  This is not necessarily due to me not shooting, but rather, my desire to show only my best photography.  In other words, I may shoot hundreds or thousands of images before I make one capture that I feel is worthy to display on this site.  Well, after doing lots of shooting over the past few months, there are a select number of images that I have decided to add to some of my galleries.  Click this link to view the updated Nature gallery images.   

Additionally, I have created a new photography gallery dedicated to images of the night sky.  These photos include shots of the Milky Way as well as stacked images of star trails.  Some of these have been on the hard drive for a while, but are just now getting to see the light of day (so to speak).  I hope to add more and better images to this new gallery as I have more opportunities to get out and explore more of this exciting photographic genre.  Part of what prompted me to add this gallery was an article that I wrote for the Improve Photography website.  This article (11 Essential Tips for Shooting a Night Landscape) provided some useful tips for night photography, from camera settings and focusing tricks to light painting techniques.  

You will also notice a different look to the website, as I have changed some of the formatting and layouts.  I hope to give the website a more modern look that is both easier to read and more pleasant to view.  The Biography page is a new addition where you can read more about me and how I got started on this photography journey.  Thanks for taking a look around and as usual, feel free to Contact Me with any questions or comments about the site or photography in general.